bucket not working at beach
IN PROGRESS talhena23
Have bucket in hand at beach with pier but no prompt comes up to use it.
Grass in the distance on ultra appears unfocused
IN PROGRESS d3stiny82

On ultra, when looking at the grass on the other si…
Phone doesn't work
CAN'T REPRODUCE persie.wilde
When doing the 2nd quest to go to Gabe's welcome dinner, I can take out the phone but the phone itself remains blank. I can't open the message …
Game break- Day 1
CAN'T REPRODUCE persie.wilde
I go to Hiro to fix my phone, we do our dialogue. Once the dialog is over, we freeze. Other characters can move but we cannot. I can move my mo…
Watering symbols continue to show up
CAN'T REPRODUCE estev Farming
If a plant is not fully watered, the water droplet picture will show up on the screen no matter how far you are. The water droplets from my far…
Tutorial Cards
CAN'T REPRODUCE TaterDog77 Game Breaking
The first card and darkening effect linger after clearing the tutorial both through clicking and using Esc.
ESC key occasionally locks up
CAN'T REPRODUCE bdryburgh Navigation
Not consistently, but every so often I'll hit the ESC key and have nothing happen. I can usually tap it 2-3 times and get it working again, bu…
To-Do List disappearing after sleeping
CAN'T REPRODUCE Maggatron Buildings Phone Apps Building
Basically, title. When my farmer sleeps, her to-do list disappears from her phone and I have to recheck all the boxes for my WIP buildings and …
Fishing stops if fish reaches short before caught
CAN'T REPRODUCE d3stiny82 Fishing
When fishing, if the fish on your line reaches the shore while you are reeling in before it is "Caught" the fishing ends abruptly.
Game freezes when claiming SunnySeed parcel
CAN'T REPRODUCE PersephoDee Game Breaking
Below link for your reference
My phone is blurry
CAN'T REPRODUCE GrandpaMarky Phone Apps
I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but my phone is really blurry from just opening it to the text messages and the journal. But…
Full screen - Screen border bug
CAN'T REPRODUCE mitchell212121@hotmail.com
When I made the game full screen in the starting menu (first thing I did after opening the game), the screen border shrank from the left. The c…
Game freezing
CAN'T REPRODUCE LunaFox07 Game Breaking
The game freezes and has to be force quit right after I ask Hiro to fix my phone. I've re-opened the game and tried talking to him in different…
Map is stuck on screen
CAN'T REPRODUCE SpaceHotel Game Breaking
After using the map to check store hours I was unable to close the map and return to the game. The mouse cursor disappeared and the esc key did…
Game Freezes when pressing ESC to take you to settings and menu
CAN'T REPRODUCE buttercabbage Game Breaking
It's happened twice now, cuz I didn't know what happened the first time, but when I pressed ESC to get out of my phone, I pressed it too many t…
Phone doesn't work after Hiro fixes it
CAN'T REPRODUCE persie.wilde Object
Phone is completely blank after asking Hiro to fix it. 2/18/2022 https://twitch.tv/tattedtravelbean
A Welcoming Dinner - What to Cook? Keeps asking for same NPC
PLANNED stormchaotic NPC
The quest a Welcome Dinner - What to cook? has you talk to 4 different npcs and ask for recipes. It keeps asking me to go back to the same npcs…
Pressing tab after putting an item into backpack doesn't work
PLANNED kenhes
After putting the last tool into my backpack I press Tab to escape the menu but it just cycles through the backpack tools. Need to click somewh…
Getting UI Stuck Onscreen
PLANNED TaterDog77 Game Breaking
Can sleep and interact with certain objects(hose, manual pump, cutting board, grill) and get their respective UI stuck on screen. Can also be d…
Kat's text message history is blank
PLANNED danooli Phone Apps
Day 17, I opened the message app and looked at the history from Kat. The text bubbles are there showing the TOD the text was sent, but the bubb…
Invisible Shop Buttons in Smithy Menu
PLANNED ifgrasscould Vendor Menu
After receiving 30 bolts from Master Kazuki, ending the conversation, and then talking to him again, the shop menu buttons work but are invisib…
Stuck in Journal Menu [w/SOLUTION]
PLANNED southern_lime Game Breaking
I opened all the tabs in the journal to see completed quests/current quests/etc. Now I am unable to exit the journal menu. I tried changing the…
Phone Camera bug
PLANNED Inareon Phone Apps
Then you inside the camera app and press "F" . The camera will move down wards a bit but other than that functions of the camera are shown like…
Box names gone after going to bed
PLANNED emmynoether Object
I placed two plastic boxes in my house in the evening and renamed them ("Crafting Supplies" and "Sticks"), but when I went to bed and started t…
Mission Completion
PLANNED tigerlily Cooking
Game not counting that you have items for a quest when you already have multiple of that item.
Aiming While Fishing
PLANNED TaterDog77 Fishing
If you right click to aim and then fish, the game will stay in "aim mode" after the fishing completes. clip for reference https://clips.twitch.…
WEBSITE: At some categories I as a usual user was able to set the status (new, testing etc.)
PLANNED nessamithrandir
When I reportet a bug via button "report new game mechanic bug" (on the game mechanic bug view) I could set the status (new, testing etc.), whi…
Player Response to Hiro not Selectable
When speaking with Hiro, when it came to the PC's option to respond with "I could help with testing. I'm sick of sleeping in a tent.", I was un…
Phone Unusable
PLANNED TaterDog77 Phone Apps
Can open the phone near walls or objects and the interactable phone that comes up onscreen will be partially or fully blocked, rendering it unu…
Unable to "favorite" anything at workbench
PLANNED danooli
I can't seem to be able to mark anything as a favorite at the crafting workbench
It's hard to dialog with NPCs
PLANNED ndefontenay NPC
I have to place myself just so for the dialog popup to appear. It should appear within a range around the NPC rather than exactly in one spot.
Pumping Water UI Flicker
PLANNED holyfireheart100 Farming
Pumping water causes the UI to flicker at the top region of the screen before showing the Farm Companion: Water Meter, happens repeatedly when …
NPC vendor menu items' category shows as ,EInventoryItemCategory_Max
PLANNED Shadge Vendor Menu NPC
The following items at Hiro's store shows up with a category of ,EInventoryItemCategory_Max

* Hard plastic pellet
* Circuit board
* Solar…
Opening chicken coop is extremely hard
Opening the door to the chicken coop so that you can harvest eggs takes like a full minute each time, and you have to use camera view or it's i…
Sleeping tutorial comes up when on top of tent
PLANNED jpartalien Buildings
When the game first starts, standing on top of the tent can bring up the sleeping and time explanation UI. Could be probably fixed by adding a …
Animal beds marked as animal not having eaten
PLANNED nevermore Buildings
Animal beds are marked as the animal not having eaten yesterday when the animals themselves are not hungry or thirsty.
Door on Riverside Ranch doesn't open
PLANNED bdryburgh Buildings
One of the doors at Gabe's Riverside Ranch (shop) doesn't actually open. It's on the right-side when you enter, and on the left side when you …
Names for items in build mode seem off
PLANNED estev Object Building
Almost all of the fences are named wooden roofed wall
Character Level text alignment
PLANNED ArsAmatoria
The alignment for the character level past single digits starts to squish behind the experience bar. I will post an image of it next chance I c…
Scrolling doesn't work in the galery
PLANNED Jackpot Phone Apps
If you have more than 12 picture you can not scroll down to see the others. You see the upper half of the next three pictures and can click on …
Camera Zoom
PLANNED larkceresin Animation
Phone camera zoom. middle scroll changes position on the dial but no actual zooming in or out occurs
ESC doesn't want to work sometimes - for example
PLANNED Hanare Vendor Menu
Anytime I'm in the menu or in the vendor's or NPC's menu or chat bubble, I was not able to easily hit ESC to go back or close the talk bubble. …
3/4 of my chickens are idiots
PLANNED Katja1236
I open the chicken door so they can come out to be fed and watered. Two or three of them come out as expected. The rest congregate around the p…
Stuck in drone camera mode even after exiting it
FIXED mnhonline@gmail.com Game Breaking
The UI is stuck in drone camera mode, even after exiting from it, making it impossible to use the phone apps, interact with anything.
To-Do List No Longer Pinning To Screen
FIXED pattanderson Phone Apps
For some reason To-Do lists no longer pin to screen after the most recent update.
Water gague and interact widgets on soil plots do not show up
FIXED Rainy Game Breaking
The watering icons and plant prompt on plots of soil sometimes don't show up at all, this happens mostly on plots that have been dug before.
Can't exit cutting board after failed action.
FIXED Tap Game Breaking
Can't exit cutting board after a receipe did't work.
Happened twice to me now and had to ALT-F4 my way out.
Opened Dialogue Hardlocks Game
FIXED giant_enemy_spider Game Breaking
Unable to make any input and had to reset game after opening dialogue with Natalie Takahashi on Day 1 after dinner with Gabe. Dialogue box did …
Phone doesn't work after interacting with shops
FIXED nevermore Phone Apps
After speaking to any of the vendors, the F key won't work to let me open the phone menu. It will resolve itself by speaking to a character nor…
Harvested items still show the name after harvesting untill you walk away
FIXED d3stiny82 Farming
If you harvest something and don't move the "harvest item" still shows till you move.
Collect snow
FIXED danooli
It's spring, I'm being prompted to collect snow while equipped with the bucket and walking on grass
Fly Lures not being used.
FIXED HotLittleBoss
I bought 20 fly lures. Fished 10 fish and still have 20 fly lures.
Item deletion in boxes
FIXED TaterDog77 Game Breaking
Right clicking to split a stack in a box while holding a stack of items deletes it instead. Can also right click in a box with an empty cursor,…
Option to fix phone disappears if ask what time opening hours are first
FIXED kenhes Vendor Menu
If you ask Hiro what his opening hours are before asking him to fix the phone....the fix phone option disappears. But it re-appears if you talk…
Shops not Working after Reload
FIXED missbubbles
It was my first day so I loaded my game (day 1) by mistake cause I thought it was so save rather than load. Once I did that, I cannot access an…
Pet icon stuck on screen
FIXED HiddenInDaLeaves NPC
When you look at your cow or chicken and the "Pet" interaction pops up, sometimes it will stay there after looking away. I can be across town a…
Tooltip UI in Inventory Goes Off Screen
FIXED DoctorDDub
When hovering over items in the inventory, mostly in the rightmost two slots, the tooltip UI pops out to the right of the mouse, causing it to …
House blue print disappears
FIXED GrandpaMarky Buildings
When my house blueprint disappears, everything that I put inside is gone with it. Lost a lot of resources. (I hope I put this in the right sect…
Shishito Pepper Seed
FIXED TaterDog77 Phone Apps
In SunnySeed the peppers are free. ver
Talking to Shopkeeps
FIXED saejay
A lot of social actions aren't available while they are working, and many work hours they aren't supposed to. They also work from many places o…
Grilling quest materials miscount
FIXED emmynoether Building
In the quest 'A Welcoming Dinner - Grilling It!' - on spring day 2, I crafted some materials at the smithy: 4 iron bolts and 2 iron rods. The q…
Drone App Tooltip Showing When It's Not Active
FIXED Kiko Phone Apps
When going into the drone app, at first the tooltips did not show up properly.
Quit to Desktop
Re-opened game
Tested Drone App Build Mode
Kidai Typos
WON'T FIX DoctorDDub Fishing
The description of the Kidai needs some tweaks. The other names that it goes by should probably be capitalized, such as "yellowback seabream", …
Am able to run at the bottom of the lake/river
NOT A BUG ndefontenay
I ran to the place where both rivers join in the park near my farm and I fell in the water except I walk at the bottom.
Cannot collect sand
NOT A BUG mnomaha Game Breaking
Well..it's game breaking for me because I cannot continue to build the house. I have the bucket tool, I walk on the beaches, and I never get a …
Can't place collapsible box
NOT A BUG danooli
I bought a collapsible box, but I can't place it anywhere to use it.
Target tool spot
NOT A BUG danooli
Trying to plant a seed or harvest a plant is pretty difficult as it's not easy to see the area that is targeted. My farmer walks to and fro tr…
blacksmith service takes all the iron nuggets if placing more than required
NOT A BUG ndefontenay
At the blacksmith in the service section, I placed all my iron nuggets in the section required to build an iron rod.
The menu specifies 3 iron…
Switch Between Sets of Hotkeys?
NOT A BUG genkiCHU Navigation
Is there currently a way to cycle between the different sets of on-screen hotkeys currently? Between backpack, harvest basket, tackle box, etc.
Tools Not Working
NOT A BUG ashesbynow Game Breaking Farming
It shows the icon to complete actions with tools (left click), but it will not let me use any of the tools. Left clicking does nothing. I am cu…
Quests Disappeared / Glitched Out
NOT A BUG crunchysprite Phone Apps
Day 4: woke up to all quests erased from phone. The quest spot on side of screen just says "quest name". The sp…
Berry Bushes disappearing/reappearing and collision
DUPLICATE DebonaireCat Object
The berry bushes will sometimes let you go through them and sometimes stop you. Also the bushes will appear and disappear so invisible bushes w…
Craft Cooking Grill Quest Amount
DUPLICATE Thaewind Building
Cooking grill quest showed that I had to make 124 instead of one in the task tracker. Quest completed with one though.
Kazumi Smitthing Not Working?
DUPLICATE snackugo
When trying to have kazumi smith some materials for you he just straight up takes your money and won't take the materials to make the material …
Bushes solid or not
Some bushes allow me to run through them and collect berries, and then some disappear as I approach, and others become solid and don't allow me…
Kazuki doesn't take my iron nuggets
DUPLICATE Haan Vendor Menu
Went to get my iron sheets, rods and bolts made by Kazuki, used all my iron nuggets, but after the purchase they're all still there. Happened t…
Natalie dialog has uninterpolated {timeofday} variable
When talking to Natalie while out for a walk, there is an uninterpolated variable {timeofday} being used on the button used to greet her ("Good…
Falling into the river and just walking around the bottom
I have fallen into the river a couple times, at which point I just kind of walk around the bottom, as if it were dry land. Can climb out someti…