Dinner Music Mixed with Farm Music
CAN'T REPRODUCE ashesbynow Cutscene
When I went to dinner with Gabriel on the first night, the music from my farm was playing at the same time as the music that was in the backgro…
Shinto Shrine music not activating
PLANNED Maggatron Buildings Map
I walked through the Shinto Shrine's arch and heard the music that's supposed to play for maybe two seconds and then the other music faded back…
Music Doesn't Transition
PLANNED TheRawKitty Buildings
I was walking through town, entered convenience store, both tracks played at the same time
Exact item slider breaks BGM and causes it to restart or crackle.
PLANNED pattanderson Map
When choosing how many of an item to drop into Takahashi’s forge, the click slider is so loud it cancels out the back ground music if it is pul…
Music cuts out when I click away from game (hard for streaming)
WON'T FIX pattanderson Object
It would be nice if the music didn't cut out when I tab away or click away in Borderless mode. Jarring for streaming and my normal use. Could b…