Discord Crashes Game
CAN'T REPRODUCE JOttenmiller Game Breaking
If multiple user profiles on the same machine have discord open the game will crash and launch discord on the profile trying to launch the game…
Talking with Hiro, I still have the dialogue option to fix my phone.
Even after Hiro has already fixed my phone, the dialogue option to ask him to fix it still appears.
Disappearing Cow
CAN'T REPRODUCE HotLittleBoss Farming
I bought four cows and didn't name one of them. The one I didn't name disappeared after one day. (Tater Update: Can't have no name for animal, …
I can't recycle
CAN'T REPRODUCE GrandpaMarky Building
I'm going to put this for building because recycled materials can be used to build. Anyway, I tried to recycle that one item that turns into ha…
build house went to sleep house gone cant rebuild
CAN'T REPRODUCE Videonut041 Buildings
built my house went to sleep woke up its raining and all that is left is my lights fruniture it took all my material from the build and wont …
Game not saving from Day 3 to Day 4
CAN'T REPRODUCE imsiren@live.com Game Breaking
After doing some tasks/objectives for the day the game does not save the game from Day 3 to Day 4 . When doing a few tasks the minimum its thn …
Steam Client still shows game running after closing
CAN'T REPRODUCE Inareon Game Breaking
The closed the game from the main menu using "Exit to Desktop" but the steam client still shows the game running and if I click from the steam …
Item stacking fullfilled - Can't pick up more
CAN'T REPRODUCE Rosefox Object
When you sometimes hold 20 items of something it doesnt let you start a new stack.
Has it with 2 items, berries and sticks. With berries it d…
Trapped in construction of a water tank
CAN'T REPRODUCE Geeking_Goddess Building
I was placing the final component into the construction of another water tank when my character became trapped in the tank. I could not get out…
Not autosaving some days
CAN'T REPRODUCE Themosthardtofu
Checked my loads and there were no saves for the 10th and 11th. I woke up on the 11th and accidently slept right away, I proceeded to spam the …
Blacksmith Took Money And Materials
PLANNED KeiKatt Game Breaking
So I went to buy a lot of Bolts, Iron Rods, And Iron Sheets from the blacksmith. They took all my money and materials but did not give me anyth…
The calendar day is wrong, showing Sunday the 8th, it should be Monday
PLANNED danooli

This is the start of the second week in game…
The 'E to Talk' button is hard to toggle
Whenever I am near an npc, the E to talk button seems to only be usable when I am in just the right area. That is usually when I am a good dist…
Grill fuel disappearing
PLANNED Mustardman123 Object Cooking
Whenever I start a new day the charcoal I leave in the grill the night before disappears when the next day starts
Cant buy items for exact amount.
PLANNED d3stiny82 Vendor Menu
Had 12$ tried to buy 12$ worth of apples from Sako.it then said i do not have enough money for that.
Loading into a Sunday when it was Monday
When I went continue I was loaded on Sunday when the actual day was Monday. after a day it fixes itself but made me miss a whole day for sellin…
Exploit inside the Mines to instant reset mining stones
PLANNED Inareon Game Breaking
I found a exploit inside the mine area.

I tested it from the bridge area all the way inside. At any point it is function.

1. https://cdn.…
Cannot place sleeping bag back in tent if removed
PLANNED EveBlondeau Object Building
I decided to build my house on the higher section of the farm, so I thought it would be a good idea to move my tent over as well. Once I had mo…
Fall through map in caves
PLANNED HiddenInDaLeaves Game Breaking
When I open up my drone while in the caves I fall through the ground. This only happens when my drone was already out somewhere else in the map…
Can't reply to Kat's text
PLANNED Janie Phone Apps
I can't reply to Kat's text asking if this is {character name}. I didn't see it until day 4 but got the text on day 2. I tried to reply but no …
SunnySeed doesn't work during change of season
If you purchase seeds through sunny seed the last day of the season, it will not arrive. it does take your credits, but does not deliver the se…
Shipping is not factoring in when shopping on SunnySeed
PLANNED d3stiny82 Phone Apps
When purchasing seeds on SunnySeed, the shipping cost does not seem to be factoring in on the cost in the end. The total shows correct but does…
Removing items from vendors "Sell" menu ignores items stack limit
PLANNED Grey Vendor Menu
If you put items into a vendors sell box and then take them out without selling them they will all stack together even if they go over their re…
Tool from the beginning disappears
PLANNED Ajaeson Game Breaking
Tools will disappear if overwritten.
1) right click a tool and click confirm, then right click another tool and click confirm.

This will m…
Weird Ghosting When Camera Is Moved
PLANNED pattanderson Object
The character model has a weird ghosting on it since the update. When the camera is moved back and forth in free look mode (regardless of motio…
Milking - ready to milk does not go away after milking
PLANNED estev Farming
When you are looking at an animal, the ready to milk message does not go away immediately after milking. It stays until the animal is not "sele…
Sako: "Good Morning!" at 20:30...
Sako told me "good morning" when I spoke to her at 20:30. I want some of what she's having!
Building on the Farm
PLANNED TaterDog77 Buildings
The small area on the farm has a building area that extends beyond the ground, for buildings like the barn can be built if they're touching the…
PLANNED saejay Vendor Menu
Can't talk to Sako when Kat is. A lot of social actions become impossible when characters are near eachother
Confused Sako
PLANNED Effervescent06 NPC
Sako is wandering in circles, in and out and around Naka around 18:00. She's even walking up to doors, opening them, and turning around and goi…
Gabe is walking on the roof behind his sign
PLANNED Silverwaters NPC
After meeting Kat for the first time I visit Gabe's ranch to find him on the roof. https://paste.pics/G1ICD
Kyle runs up and down the steps at the shrine several times
PLANNED NyamoDragonia NPC
(And weird sliding from Kaida in the Background!)

Maybe triggered by the player: https://di2joen6szy7h.cloudfront.net/1300321194-662513217-d…
Unharvestable potato weeds?
PLANNED mitchell212121@hotmail.com Farming
So I planted potatoes and they have a tick for harvesting, yet I cannot harvest them. I was able to harvest other crops though.
Electric water pump - Doesn't automatically turn on back if the water levels in the tank(s) go down after being at max limit, on the next day
PLANNED mnhonline@gmail.com Object Farming
Electric water pump - Doesn't automatically turn on back if the water levels in the tank(s) go down after being at max limit

1. Buil…
Crop Spots Dug In Rain Do No Register As Watered
PLANNED pattanderson Object
But they do when you grab the hose. It seems to trigger a logic of some kind to let the crop areas know they are watered.
Raining Produce
PLANNED ArsAmatoria Farming
I noticed this bug a few times now as I have harvested my crops. Some of them somehow just start dropping from the sky. The only way I can actu…
Cows/goats might not be able to eat from troughs at certain angles
PLANNED estev Object Farming
I had the feeding trough out and full of hay but my animals were still complaining of needing to be fed. They hadn't eaten at all since I had b…
Cave ramp is "walled"
PLANNED estev Navigation
In the caves, there is a "room" with ramps going down on either side. If you are standing at the bottom of these ramps looking towards them, th…
"Consume" is an option when holding bucket
PLANNED estev Object
Consume will come up as the action option when you are holding the bucket sometimes.

Specifically, I have gotten this to happen if you coll…
Animal Purchase is told over and over again
PLANNED estev Vendor Menu NPC
After you purchase an animal from Gabe, he tells you a message about bringing the animal by in the morning. If you close the dialogue and open …
Cows, goats, and chickens
PLANNED ArsAmatoria
So a few instances have occurred where I awoke to a lovely day of my cows and goats on the roof of their home. Some get excited enough about fo…
Cannot enter/exit out of chicken coop
PLANNED genkiCHU Buildings
The animation glitched out during the opening of the door to the chicken coop (the character ended up facing away from the door), and the 'Open…
Mining - Some mining nodes do not give any stone/iron nuggets/copper/gems and just clip through the cave map floor after mining them
FIXED mnhonline@gmail.com Object Map Animation
Sometimes (most of the time in the new save after the recent major building overhaul update), the minable nodes do not proc any stone/gems/copp…
Cannot bring up phone after Smithy
FIXED sandy
Cannot bring up the phone using "F" on the keyboard after interacting with smithy's cash register
Tree fruit
FIXED Jinx Farming
After shaking a fruit tree some fruit is left on the ground and doesnt auto collect, stepping on the fruit causes it to yeet character at high …
Blueprints with nothing donated to them give ressources when deleated
FIXED HuaCheng Buildings
Because i was unfamiliar with the building system i accidently placed 3 house blueprints. two which i wanted to delete didn't hold any material…
Master Kazuki services available same day - no need to wait
FIXED danooli
Tasking Master Ishikawa with a smith project, the dialogue makes it seem as if you need to come back the next day the shop is open (so, if you …
Game Freezes when talking to Natalie
FIXED Zemekis Game Breaking
In the evening of the first day I found Natalie sitting on a bench. Talking to her hard-locked my game, no controls would respond whatsoever an…
Picking up Blueprints and deleting it deletes the materials?
FIXED KeiKatt Buildings
I accidentally picked up a slueprint spot (house), and the materials vanished. They don't enter the inventory or fall onto the ground, they van…
Can't pick up all the fruit from trees
FIXED Grey Object
Whenever I shake a tree (cherries and lemons) I am unable to pick up all the fruit that drop. Either that or the objects on the ground just don…
SunnySeed Prices
FIXED TaterDog77 Phone Apps
(Not Game breaking but no other keywords are relevant) The prices are displayed wrong for some items.
Carrot Seet displays: 3 cupules actual…
Can't harvest from trees.
FIXED HotLittleBoss Farming
I put in both Cherry and Lemon trees. Watered them everyday for an entire season. The cherry tree did show cherries on it at one point once, bu…
Pressing E beside the recycle machine with Hiro there
FIXED kenhes Game Breaking
Pressing E beside the recycle machine with Hiro there opens both the recylce machine screen and Hiro's talk screen.
Hiro disappearing
FIXED GrandpaMarky NPC
I don't know if I put the right category but on Wednesday the 3rd, I just could not Hiro at all. I went to all the spots that he usually freque…
Kazuki Doesn't Take Materials
FIXED mferretti Vendor Menu
When buying services at Kazuki's, he does not collect the required materials. I have been able to place an order for smelted goods multiple tim…
Talking with Natalie shows Kat's Dialogue
FIXED Scapegoat NPC
Attempting to talk with Natalie brought up Kat's dialogue instead. This occurred on Monday the 8th (Spring) in the evening around 20:00. I had …
Kyle walked away while in dialogue
FIXED WarriorOfLight NPC
While in dialogue with Kyle, he randomly turned around and walked away while still in dialogue. Could still talk with him while he was walking …
Selecting a non-exit dialogue option with Kat ends the convo.
FIXED WarriorOfLight
While talking with Kat, selecting the dialogue option ‘I’m just getting supplies from town’ abruptly ends the convo with no response dialogue
Cell Phone
FIXED imsiren@live.com
Unable to take phone out after purchasing services to make Iron sheets from Kazuki.
Smithy Stealing My Bolts :(
FIXED TheRawKitty
Trying to smelt, smithy won't give me my rods or bolts
Drone Build Menu - Indoor Design Disappearing Blueprint Issue
FIXED pattanderson Object
When I have a built house and am trying to move blueprints around before I build them, sometimes build mode will select the house through the b…
Game crashed when tried to log into Gab's laptop
FIXED Geeking_Goddess
I was trying to build some plywood in Gab's shed. When I interacted with the laptop I was brought to the tan loading screen and it sat there. I…
No resource drops while mining
FIXED mintkirari
I've noticed sometimes when I'm mining rocks, both in the town and cave, that I won't get any resources. Sometimes I will see the drops animati…
Spamming E when sleeping causes Calander weirdness
FIXED FemChefSR1 Game Breaking
Succubuzz went to sleep on the 6th, and spammed e when going to bed.
Woke up on the 17.
Sako's recipe quest completes but doesn't give recipe.
FIXED FemChefSR1 NPC Cooking
When finishing the main story quest to get a recipe from Sako, the quest completes, but she doesn't actually give the recipe. Her recipe, for c…
NPC's (Kat and Nat) getting stuck on ramp to Sako's shop
FIXED d3stiny82 NPC
Observed Kat and Nat getting stuck at the bottom of the ramp to Sako's
Sako recipe quest not updating
FIXED d3stiny82 Game Breaking NPC
I spoke to Sako and asked her about recipes but the quest did not update and now I can't ask her again.
Breaking mine rocks causes loot to explode past the walls sometimes.
FIXED kenhes
Breaking mine rocks causes loot to explode past the walls sometimes. It comes out so fast it goes past the wall collision detection.
Duplicate items
FIXED Dajael Object
Items can be duplicated by right clicking to split the stack. Then picking up the item and moving it to another slot. Then click confirm and yo…
Building Houses
FIXED TaterDog77 Buildings
The houses, blueprints and once completed, ignore other objects that you can build, so they can be stacked to ridiculous levels(not vertically,…
Exponential Item Dupe Glitch
FIXED DoctorDDub Game Breaking
I discovered an exponential item dupe glitch. To recreate:

1) Select an item from within your inventory so that it's attached to your mouse …
Stamina doesn't empty instead insta regen without hunger bar full
FIXED HuaCheng Game Breaking
First day after dinner with Gabe (Not sure if it was before also). My hunger bar is compleatly empty and every time i use stamina less then hal…
Hunger and Stamina Bars
FIXED TaterDog77 Game Breaking
The bars freeze at this point: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/859844710679445514/925904191258505336/unknown.png
There's enough stamina…
Move a placed item off of your farm buildable area and exit build menu (by hitting 1 or 3) causes item to end up in a tree across the map
FIXED FedoraGal Building
The item or blueprint will end up in the air, in a tree over by the mine on the other side of the map.

Only able to see it with your drone. …
smith doesn't craft objects and ressources are lost
FIXED Celestria NPC
I gave the smith a lot of ressources on saturday (around 100 iron and 15 sand) to craft some stuff and now it is all gone...
When fruits land near wall, they can't be grabbed
FIXED ndefontenay Farming
When I shake a tree that's planted next to a wall I built, I can't grab the fruit
Didn't receive items from Blacksmith
NOT A BUG darklilacdreams
I out all the iron ore in for bolt, sheet and hit purchase. The box closed but I didn't get the items
Energy Won't Go Down
NOT A BUG saejay
My energy rarely depleted, and if it did it would recharge if I took around 10 steps
Harvesting turnips gave seeds
NOT A BUG Effervescent06 Farming
I had to restart the day, and I had harvested turnips originally with no problems. The second time around, though, I ended up with 76 seeds and…
Not getting seeds for crops that are supposed to give seeds
NOT A BUG FedoraGal Farming
Harvested Carrots, Beets, and Chives at the same time. Ended up with 21 seeds for Chives.

Did not get any seeds for Carrots or Beets even th…
Can't attach lures to fishing rod.
NOT A BUG boo55 Fishing
I am having trouble getting the lures to work with the fishing rod. I have tried dragging and dropping the lures onto the rod, and dragging and…
Gates cannot be applied to built fences
NOT A BUG pattanderson Object
If the fences are not in the blueprint state, then gates cannot be added to them. Furthermore, when you delete sections of the fence to create …
Unable to add materials to build plan
NOT A BUG CustomLadyAce Building
I click E to add items for build and will not let me add. Have tried on both house and grill blueprint
Crafted item got stuck on floor
NOT A BUG estev Object
When crating multiple circuit boards (four I think), they didn't go into my inventory. They went on to the floor of the shed area instead. I am…
Grill fire supplies disappear overnight
DUPLICATE estev Cooking
When you leave your fire material in the grill overnight they aren't there the next morning even if the grill was put out. If the grill was sti…
Blacksmith shoping won't reduce items
DUPLICATE nessamithrandir Vendor Menu
When shopping by the blacksmith the recources you give will get back in your inventory (so not reduced form it)
Deleting empty blueprints gives you items
DUPLICATE HiddenInDaLeaves Buildings
When deleting a blueprint off of the farm it drops items as if I were scrapping an already built structure. For example a newly built solar pan…
Spamming E key on bed misses days
DUPLICATE kenhes Cutscene
If you spam the E key on a bed you can skip days. Might cause problems like missing important events.
Shaking Trees
DUPLICATE jwillsurvive05 Farming
When I shake the Cherry tree and attempt to pick up the cherries. Some will just keep getting pushed around and then it will finally pick the c…
Ordering Less than amount for A Welcoming Dinner - Grilling it! (Kazuki) quest results in wrong current item count
DUPLICATE FedoraGal Writing
If you order less than the asked for amount of items (tested with rods) #/3 reported when you pick up the items are incorrect
Confirmed with a…
Can't get out of River
Just started the game (waiting for the text back for dinner) and started exploring. I jumped into the river right across the road by my farm, a…